$86,400.00 in your bank account!

This Is not a Scam …. This is a lesson which I have learned the hardway!

Imagine you had won the following price:

  • Every morning the amount of $86,400-00 is deposited into your personal bank account

But the rules of the game is as follows:

  1. Everything that you do not spend on that specific day is withdrawn from your account, thus no roll over funds.
  2. The game can end at any time, without warning – GAME OVER! You cannot open a new account

What would YOU do?

Will you buy everything possible for yourself and everyone that matters to you?

Even for some people, you do not even know, because you cannot spend this amount of money on yourself every single day… would you?

To be honest – this is not a game: It’s called REALITY!

Every one of us owns a bank account like this one – we just do not see it.

The account’s name is TIME!

Every morning you when wake up, there you have already been given 86,400 seconds in your account.

Life is a GIFT! That is why we call it the PRESENT!

When you go to bed every second you have not used is removed from your life.

Gone forever – Yesterday is gone

Your account can be closed at any time, without warning.

So what are you going to do with your 86,400 seconds?

Or is it more worth to you in a Dollar value?

Enjoy every second of your life because:

  • BEWARE: Time passes by quicker than you think; and when you do realise this it might just be too late.

Be Grateful for every second of life that you have!

It is a Blessing!

Given to you by the Grace of a Higher Power!

But how do I manage my time better?

I rather prefer to manage my energy better – what do I mean by this statement?

Considering we all only receive 86,400 seconds a day to manage this can only go so far, but to manage my energy to effectively use my 86,400 seconds generates more productivity from my side. I am even able to productively ‘Procrastinate‘!


Purely through Planning! The 6 P’s

Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Preformance

Here are some of the tools I have implemented to assist me.

  • Day-to-Day planning template
  • Weekly planning template
  • Monthly planning template
  • Year on view

Just to name a few.

Should you be interested – join my mailing list for step by step implementation of my complete system, free resources, templates and so much more.


To my exciting subscribers – keep an eye on you’re email. I am sending you the resources.

To your continued success,


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