Meaning – How to effectively change the Relationships with Community, Spirituality, Religion and Self


Living a life of Meaning?

What is a truly meaningful life?

As most of us, I spent the biggest part of my life thus far trying to find out more about creating the meaning of my life that has been and what is to be. Looking everywhere, in relationships, in my studies, in my work … even in the lives of my three ‘miracle-babies’ … and yet, I have failed at finding it for such a long time.

So many of us go through the same processes over and over, yet fail to learn the lessons presented to us. Living day in and day out, just trying to survive the ‘rat-race’. How many times have you come to the end of the day, lying in bed – asking yourself … the same question over and over again, tossing and turning until, eventually fading away into restless sleep?

“Is this what my life boils down to? Is this all I’ll ever know? Why can’t I be like…?”

The next morning waking up miserable and dreading the day before it has even started; every moment just a repeat of the previous day’s issues and maybe even a little bit more – sounds familiar?

Just looking at the person in the car next to you in peak hour traffic, the person who cut you off this morning, the beggar at the previous robot that you ignored … Did they even give you a second thought? Or was it just you complaining to yourself about their behaviour and maybe even judging them on it?

As humans, we are so pre-occupied with our own race and gain or rather not gaining, that we have completely forgotten the true meaning in our lives. We are quick to judge, complain, argue, demanding that life owes us; It’s human nature, brought on by nurture and choices.


How do we change our nature or rather nurture of always looking at the negative side of things?

How does a person that has gone through the darkest parts of a negative influenced life, change their perspective?

Perspective and outlook on life can only be changed after we have decided, I mean really decided … making the choice and have the determination to fulfil your desire … that we can start taking steps to changes years of learned behaviour.

All the Gurus of manifestation tell us to focus on the positive, and I know when it feels like the wolves are circling you, that it feels that there is nothing positive you could find to focus on … And when we do find a light at the end of the tunnel – our first thoughts go to … it’s too good to be true, it’s only a train.

However, the best way to change our perspective is to change the structure of our questions we ask ourselves. With the capacity bigger than any super computer ever built, more neurons firing than stars blazing in the night sky – we only have to request the correct information, the correct way.

Our mouths are used to talk, eat, swallow and drink, all of these are vital uses of our mouths and yet we completely ignore the meaningful uses of our mouths… To ask for what we need!

In all my research, I have found that in every single religion and belief structure, all refer in one way or another that we must ask and we shall receive.

Price Ea posted this picture on Instagram and it really made me think… How often do we not ask the questions in the wrong way or even directed at the wrong individual, in this case, directed at God … when we should rather have asked the question to ourselves?

Here is a little practical example for you. When you are feeling like a ticking time-bomb, a complete messed up bundle of emotions or even so sad that you might even consider yourself to be border line clinical depressed … STOP! Take a piece of paper, pen and ask yourself why, what, how, where and when … Be honest and write down the first things that pop into you mind

  1. Why am I feeling this way right now?
  2. Why does this situation/person /issues affect me this way?
  3. What is my role in this situation/issues /person’s life?
  4. What am I doing here?
  5. How can I change this situation/issues? [Remember you cannot change another person – that is their own choice and action to take]
  6. How can I change the effect this person is having on me or themselves?
  7. Where is the best place start to change this situation/issues?
  8. Where is the best place I can start to change the effect this person is having on me or themselves?
  9. When? [The best time to do something is always right now, later procrastination in some way or form will take over and the opportunity will be missed]

Once you have these answer, the choice is as always – are you going to do something about it or not. It is only when we make our choices and follow through with the determination that we effectively affect change by taking action.

We are the result of our past choices and should we choose to change our current environment for the future, we need to need to take the action ourselves. In this, we start finding the true meaning of our relationships, we find – in ourselves – the culture we would prefer to cultivate and we find which relationships are worth working at and which relationships we should rather let go of.

“Let go of that which does not serve you.”

Your mind is a beautiful, powerful and unmatched too when it serves you … but fail as it’s master and it will rule you, your culture and all your relationships!

Start mastering your mind today through this exercise. Should you need additional resources, feel free to visit our MP3 or MP4 folders.

Naturally creating Freedom, Meaning, and Wealth!

With Gratitude,

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