S.A. Quote: Age

What use is a disappointed mind in the body which may fleetingly look like a thirty-something?

Clem Sunter (Businessman, Scenario Stratepist)

It really does not matter what our physical age is; because if our minds are acting and reacting on an age level below our shoe size or, older than the number of times the Earth revolves around the Sun in a year … we are allowing ourselves to become a negative influence to those around us. Nobody likes a tantrum-throwing 30-something year old that creates a scene because things are not in the prefered preference. Nor does anybody like the 30-something year old that is always complaining about everything. I am not saying that we should accept things as they are or not draw attention to a particular matter which is clearly morally wrong … but acting our age and being mature enough to realise what the appropriate behaviour should be, fails even some of the leaders that we are supposed to look up to.

Unfortunately, this affects our children… the next generation of leaders. What kind of example are we setting for them? Are we being the mentors we wanted growing up?  Or are we just dead set on our own intent?

If we cannot act with the maturity attributed to our age, not acknowledging the truths and lies as they are presented to us, how do we accept the next generation to live a better life than we did?

Think about it… that’s all I’m saying.

With gratitude,

Yvonne E. Venter-Louw

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