Guest Post: How often should advisors update their websites?

Well … any Small Business for that matter of fact.

Original post: Maria Marsala (7 April 2018)

It’s important to update your website yearly.  For sure, you want to update the copyright date every December or January of each year to match the new year.  If your site reads (c) 2014 name of the company, people “may think” your site is 4 years old and you may be out of business.  So, keep the date current with this year’s date.

Every two years, ask your marketing consultant to give your site an hour once-over.  They’ll look at things such as:

  • Are the code, theme, and plugins current?
  • Do the photos reflect your ideal clients and are their clothing or hair styles current?
  • Do the words need to be updated?
  • Are the fonts or formats out-of-date?
  • Are there things on your site that were big trends, but they are no longer seen that way?
  • Are the pages too long or too short for current styling?
  • Are all the links working?
  • And so much more…

Due to technology changes, every 4-5 years, it’s common to refresh the overall look or do a complete overhaul.  Even with changes every 2 years, if you haven’t changed the overall look of your site, it may seem old.

For example, in 2008, when I looked at my website statistics, the visitors using smartphones passed the 50% mark.  That meant they were missing much of my site because it was not easily viewable on smartphones.  I’m sure you’ve been to one of those sites, even now.

Realizing the work that goes into a site to keep it fresh will help you budget yearly for changes to your website to keep it fresh and memorable.  It also provides you with an additional task to place on your yearly calendar.  Choose a date to call your marketing consultant and ask for a website review consultation.

Remember, your website IS your online brochure, your sales page(s), your events calendar, the place you capture visitor’s email addresses, a place for clients to go to view their portal, and so much more.

And yes, it’s a pain to go through the website review process yearly.   But you want to attract your ideal clients to your firm?  Right?

It’s worth keeping current.

  • 2018 Elevate Your Business: Coach Maria Marsala


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