Why should you consider Financial Coaching?

No matter where you are in your personal financial life, whether it is that you are struggling to budget and make ends meet, or whether you are looking to buy a home or car, in a confidential one-on-one session, a financial coach can assist you in a co-operative way to ensure that your financial needs are met

  • A financial coach can help you achieve your financial goals and dreams
  • We start by defining your current financial picture
  • Begin with a budget and assets and liabilities
  • Assist you in defining a financial goal
  • Help keep you on track and accountable to your goals
  • On-going Communication and Support

One-on-one personal financial coaching gives you that advantage. With personal financial coaching, you’re mentored over the phone on your schedule at your convenience. You’ll enjoy the support and privacy of an experienced, personal mentor standing by your side as you journey toward financial freedom.

In the words of the University of Wisconsin:

“Financial coaching means providing regular one-on-one sessions with clients in order to ‘coach’ performance improvements to meet goals mutually set by the coach and client. Coaching is differentiated from counseling that coaches are not “experts,” but instead, they provide encouragement and monitoring over advice and do so in a process largely driven by the client.”

Coaching is not necessarily designed to be a therapeutic relationship or to manage a crisis – however, resources are available to provide additional support and management.

Coaching is well suited to asset building programs because clients often need encouragement and support to adhere to positive financial behaviours.  A coach can provide a much-needed boost to self-control along with the flexibility to change strategies as the client’s financial situation changes. Coaching is different from counselling or mentoring and focuses more on ongoing behaviour changeexecutive attention and goal setting, and goal monitoring.

[Resources: http://fyi.uwex.edu/financialcoaching /   http://fyi.uwex.edu/financialcoaching/files/2010/07/Collins_NFCC_2013.pdf ]

Furthermore, see this reader-friendly article by Karen Murrell and J. Michael Collins for an introduction to Financial Coaching and an overview of national (USA) programs and current research.  Using a Financial Coaching Approach

The video features J. Michael Collins on “What is financial coaching

Based on a review of more than two dozen programs nationally (USA), financial coaching:

  1. Focuses on improving long-term financial behaviour;
  2. Facilitates clients to set and achieve financial goals largely on their own;
  3. Helps clients practice new behaviours and monitors those behaviours over time; and
  4. Targets clients with a minimum level of financial skills and experience.

Goals of Coaching:

  • Achieve client-defined goals
  • Address immediate issues
  • Support specific actions to meet goals
  • Improve financial situations
  • Change financial behaviours
  • Facilitate decision-making
  • Provide tools, resources and referrals

Typical Coaching Activities:

  • Alliance with client
  • Set goals
  • Develop action plan
  • Identify resources, tools and services
  • Monitor client progress
  • Make referrals as needed

Coaches tend to use phrases like: 

Getting started is simple…

  1. Check availability here to see if there’s an opening. (We limit the number of one-one-one clients we work with, so this page is regularly updated with current availability status.)
  2. Pre-qualify yourself here (Insert link to pre-qualifying page – open in new tab) to make sure you fit the profile of a successful financial coaching client.
  3. Request your free strategy session here (insert link to request call back page – open in new tab) so we can get to know each other better, discuss your goals and needs, and make sure the fit is right before proceeding with actual coaching.

The first two steps lead up to the strategy session which is the final step in the pre-qualification process.

Paid personal financial coaching only begins once everyone agrees it makes sense to proceed.

To your continued Success in Naturally creating Freedom, Meaning, and Wealth!

With Grace & Gratitude,

Yvonne E. Venter – Louw

  • YEVL (Pty) Ltd.: Founding Director & Principal
  • Researcher, Advisor, Educator, Coach, Mentor, Keynote Speaker & Host of the Financial Independence Coach show (YouTube)
  • Personal Thesis: The Psychological impact of past experiences (and rehabilitation thereof) on daily driven financial decisions
  • Naturally creating Freedom, Meaning & Wealth

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