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The word solopreneur implies you work alone. You prefer to run a business alone, without intention to hire. Everyone else in business wants to recruit and manage teams.

“Don’t work alone. Though you can run it alone.”

Do not hire people, but you can work with them. One of the best attributes about solopreneurs is that they prefer to do the work.

Project management taught me how to assemble a team to do what needs to be done to meet the brief. Each person has a key role to play and they focus on doing what they do best.

Your team works with you and not for you. You don’t need them to be part of the business, even though they work with you.

3 pointers for solopreneurs

  • Grow your network.

Understand what each person in your network does and let them know what you do. Also, understand if the people you meet are solopreneurs with the intention to stay that way or they intend to hire staff, and becoming entrepreneurs.

  • Know your business

Don’t wing it. A business exists when there are customers paying for a service. Understand your brand and the way your business works, so you can stay in business. A freelancer “pursues a passion without any commitment to any employer

  • Get the right tools to manage your lifestyle

Admin will never go away. If you don’t hire an admin person, then find the right tools to handle the admin.

About the author

Marang Marekimane is the founder and CEO of Business Process Mechanics.  You have a specialty, and she’s a specialist at finding tools to automate the business processes. Your vision and her expertise – there are opportunities to increase access to markets, reduce unemployment and scale businesses.

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