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Boost Your Confidence by Unleashing the Power of Belief

How do I boost my self-confidence?

This is a question I have asked many of the role models I use to look up to… yet very few could give me a straight answer I could implement in my own life, mainly because I was stuck in the beliefs of others instead of knowing what I truly believed in.

With this book, I have outlined a process of how to …

  • Identify your beliefs,
  • Highlight Positive and Empowering Beliefs,
  • Reform and Eliminate Limiting Beliefs
  • Measure your Success to Boost your Motivation
  • Learn when to Scale Up
  • And Infect others with your Sense of Possibility and Positivity

I have seen it thousands of times over during my career in the Financial Industry and in the Coaching Industry that only once the root cause of any problem is found and corrected… that an individual can move forward in their life.

Unfortunately, the root cause most often is found in the beliefs which have been accepted through a lifetime… but this does not mean it’s the end of the road.

You can change it… in your own time … in your own space!

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With Love, Gratitude & Grace

  • Yvonne E. Venter-Louw
  • YEVL (Pty) Ltd.: Founding Director & Principal
  • Researcher, Advisor, Educator, Coach, Mentor, Keynote Speaker & Host of the Financial Independent Coach show on YouTube
  • Personal Thesis: The Psychological impact of past experiences (and the rehabilitation thereof) on daily driven financial decisions.
  • Naturally creating and experiencing Freedom, Meaning & Wealth!

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