Self Education and Personal Growth do not always have to cost you money…

However, you must be willing to pay the cost in willingness, time and discipline.

A book a month = 12 books a year…

A book a week = 52 books a year…

Or instead of reading – listen to it on audio while travelling to work and back…



“Always remember, some books are filled with knowledge, as a matter of fact pearls of wisdom. However, knowledge only becomes a power when implemented… Wisdom is attained through the experience again by the implementation of knowledge!”

– Yvonne E. Venter-Louw

We received these resources for free … and now we are paying it forward to you, use it wisely!


Select your paid resources in the rank of affordability


Alternatively, here is a selection of our personal favourite Partners & Affiliates to assist and guide you on your path of Self Education and Personal Growth.

Partners & Affiliates

… And as our personal gift to you, although some of these might cost you some money, here are Yvonne’s personal recommendations.

This is a list of resources she had personally reviewed, tested, used and implemented in her own life and business


… It is ultimately YOUR OWN CHOICE

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