Your confidence …

I DON’T have much time.

The time-worm portal closes in just a few minutes.

It’s me — The Future YOU

I’m writing to you from ONE WEEK in the future, by which point your life will have changed DRAMATICALLY. I’m here to make sure it happens.

You see, right now, you’re QUESTIONING your confidence levels.

I know that.

But The Future YOU… the YOU just seven days from now… has AMAZING confidence, charisma and self-belief.

You light up every room you walk into. You’re self-assured, outgoing, funny, inspiring. You’re comfortable in your own skin and glow with positive energy.


And this change all started because The Current YOU clicked on this link:

… and listened to a simple Confidence hypnosis audio, for free.

I’m writing to make sure you do it. If you don’t, things may be very different indeed.

See you in the future.

(Big thanks to YEVL (Pty) Ltd. who passed on this message for me.)

With Love, Gratitude & Grace … From The Future YOU

Your Brain Upgrade [INSIDE]

Ever wanted to UPGRADE your brain?

Think faster. Be smarter. Improve your skills.

There’s an easy way to “upgrade” your brain, just like you’d upgrade a computer.

It involves installing new “software” to reprogram the way your brain runs — making it more efficient and more powerful.



Just download and listen to a simple Hypnosis audio MP3 — and see the results for yourself.

It’s 100% free and guaranteed to work.

Just my little gift to you 🙂

With Love, Gratitude & Grace,


Change Anything with the Power of Self-Hypnosis

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve already been hypnotized.

It can happen when you’re driving home in your car. You pull up into your driveway and find that you’re unable to remember part of the journey. You’ve driven the route hundreds of times, and the whole process is automatic. You don’t have to give it too much thought, and that means your mind is able to drift off. When that happens, you enter a mild hypnotic trance.

So self-hypnosis isn’t something you need to learn. It’s something you need to learn how to control.

To hypnotize yourself whenever you want, you need to do three things. You need to get relaxed, you need to enter a mild trance, and you need to concentrate on what you want to achieve.

One of the easiest ways to get relaxed is by focusing on your breathing. A good way to accomplish this is to listen to some music or sounds of nature through a pair of headphones. This helps to shut out the outside world so you can switch your attention inward.

You’ll gradually enter a mild trance state. Research shows that when you’re in a trance your conscious mind is less active. That makes it possible for you to communicate with your subconscious. And as soon as you can do that, you can make suggestions that will help change your life for the better.

How do you get those suggestions into your head when you’re in a trance? One method is to use positive affirmations. Simply repeat the most important objective you’d like to achieve over and over. Say it out loud as many times as you can, and then return your focus to your breathing.

Here’s a summary of the process that you can practice whenever you’ve got a few minutes to spare, at any time of the day:

1. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Pop on some headphones and listen to your favourite piece of relaxing music. Close your eyes and breathe in and out, slowly and steadily.

2. Focus on your breathing. Every time you inhale you’re filling your body with rich oxygen, and every time you exhale you’re cleansing away the stress. Keep focusing on your breathing until you feel totally relaxed and peaceful.

3. State you’re positive affirmations out loud. Repeat them over and over to help implant the idea firmly into your subconscious. Then return your focus to your breathing.

4. Open your eyes, take a long and deep cleansing breath, and then get on with the rest of your day.

Like so many other things in life, it all boils down to knowing what you want. You already know how to breathe, and you already have the ability to relax. So the more precisely you can pinpoint the purpose behind your hypnosis session, the more productive it will be.

Get more motivated. Stick to your diet. Manage your money more efficiently. Boost your confidence. Become more adventurous. Break a bad habit. Improve your memory. Increase your brainpower. Exploit your creative potential.

Whatever you want to change or add to your life, self-hypnosis can help you accomplish it.

For more information on self-hypnosis and its applications, check out the Raikov Effect at

With Love, Gratitude & Grace,


From Zero to Hero: An Unstoppable Self-Belief

Many considered Chris Gardner a “nobody”.

A man trying hopelessly to make ends meet. Forced to sell over-priced bone density scanners that no-one wanted to buy. Living hand-to-mouth from one day to the next. Struggling to feed his family and desperate to break free from the life he felt trapped in.

A young guy with an unexceptional past and an uncertain future. And yet there was something about him that was destined to guarantee his success.

With no qualifications apart from a high school diploma under his belt, getting a decent job wasn’t going to be easy. Despite that, Chris knew his own strengths. He’d always been good with numbers. So when the opportunity to do something about it came along, he snapped it up.

He managed to get enrolled on an unpaid internship at a brokerage firm. Of the 20 interns, only one would be offered a job. Meanwhile, his wife deserted him, leaving him to look after his 5-year-old son while attempting to hold down two jobs. He got evicted from his apartment and ended up sleeping rough. Despite his enthusiasm and determination, things conspired against him at every turn.

But Chris had something else on his side. He believed in himself. He believed he deserved to be working in this high-powered environment. His self-belief motivated him to achieve what he knew he could achieve. He studied day and night and made deals wherever he could. He worked his fingers to the bone, all while making sure his son was safe and well cared for.

Anyone else might have given up. Thrown in the towel. Chalked it up to experience, a futile waste of time and energy.

Not Chris.

Nerve-jangling conditions aside, he kept his hopes up and his spirits high. He struggled on and pushed himself to the limit. In the end, he got the job. From there, he went on to create his own multi-million dollar brokerage firm. His story was subsequently made into a film starring Will Smith called The Pursuit of Happyness.

And it was all possible because of one thing: his belief in himself.

So if Chris could do it, with all the stumbling blocks that kept getting in his way, it’s almost certain that you can too.

Maybe it’s time you started believing in yourself and making the most of your own true potential.

For more information on how to boost your self-belief, discover the Raikov Effect at

Click Here to access the Program

With Love, Gratitude & Grace,


The Unbelievable Power of Placebo

Technology is advancing at an astonishing rate.

Developers are squeezing computer components into smaller and smaller spaces so that it’s possible to fit millions of microprocessors onto the head of a pin. Yet despite this rapid growth in capability, the human brain remains the most powerful ‘computer’ on the planet.

If you could look inside your brain, you’d find it contained 100 billion nerve cells called neurons. Each of these has the equivalent of around 60 megabytes of RAM. That’s enough to process thousands of operations every second. Multiply that by 100 billion and you get some idea of the power sitting on top of your shoulders.

And if you’ve ever wondered just how powerful your brain is, the placebo effect provides the perfect example.

The placebo effect occurs when a person believes they’ve been given something that will ease their symptoms or help them cope. This often takes the form of a pill, an injection, or a cream, but whichever form it takes, it has no real medical value. However, as long as the person receiving it believes it’s going to help them manage their situation effectively, then it does.

Like the WWII soldier who was operated on when he was told he was being injected with morphine. Or the man whose cancer-riddled body was healed when he was told he was being given a potent new drug. Or the students who were able to withstand intense heat when they were told a powerful cooling gel was being applied to their wrists.

In each case, the ‘medicine’ was a placebo. Saline solution for the soldier, distilled water for the cancer patient, and simple hand cream for the students. If these were isolated incidents you might be able to dismiss them. But they’re not.

Study after study demonstrates how people can withstand almost anything when they think they’re getting some kind of assistance – even when it’s all in their mind. They believe they’re going to get better, or feel no pain, and their brain takes care of the rest. It switches off pain receptors and heals the body from within, eliminating discomfort and in some cases even reversing so-called incurable conditions.

So, how can you benefit from the placebo effect in your everyday life?

Here are a few simple exercises you can put to use straight away:

1. To increase your productivity

Worried there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? Set your alarm clock half an hour early. Those extra 30 minutes will make you believe you’ve got the time you need to get a head start on that to-do list.

2. To boost your confidence

Put some sugar pills in a bottle labelled “Confidence Booster Tablets.” Pop one or two in your mouth when you need a quick blast of extra self-confidence. Your mind will register that they’re confidence boosters, and that will help keep your confidence levels up.

3. To cut down on your food intake

Try eating your meals from smaller plates. You’ll feel like you’re getting a more generous portion without actually eating more, and that will help to convince you that you’re getting full faster.

4. To get a quick surge of energy

Try pouring diet soda or water into an energy drink can. You’ll feel like you’re drinking the real thing, and that will help keep your energy levels up for as long as you need.

5. To enjoy fast and natural relaxation

Label a bottle of sugar pills or mints as “Super Stress-Reduction Tablets.” You’ll read the label and the words “Stress-Reduction” will get into your brain, helping you feel like relaxation’s on its way. Take a couple of tablets whenever you need to unwind.

No-one knows exactly how the placebo effect works, but it does. It harnesses the power of the world’s most complex ‘computer’ – the human brain – to make fast, significant changes. And the best bit is that anyone can utilize it.

Learn more about the power of placebo at the Raikov Effect website, at

With Love, Gratitude & Grace,


The TRUTH behind the so-called Law of Attraction

Have you ever noticed?

Everyone talks about the Law of Attraction.

And some people seem to manifest AWESOME, positive experiences into their lives — seemingly without effort.

But others just spend their time STRUGGLING and get ZERO results.

Or they get the occasional “win” but don’t understand why.

Why such a dramatic difference between the two experiences?

Here’s the thing most people don’t realize.

The Law of Attraction begins in your HEAD.

Get your thoughts in order, and you’ll automatically begin manifesting the greatest possible results.

The easiest way to do this is by using Hypnosis.

Hypnosis helps you to “reprogram” your thoughts, so you can begin automatically manifesting — and achieving more success, happiness and abundance in your life.

Today, I’ve arranged for you to enjoy an incredibly powerful Law of Attraction hypnosis audio — just to say thanks for reading my messages.

It’s my FREE gift to you:

Just listen — and get ready to enjoy some awe-inspiring results in your life.

With Love, Gratitude & Grace,


A quick chat about your weight?


I just caught a glimpse of you in the future.

And honestly?

You looked amazing.

You were at your ideal weight, with a toned body, glowing with radiance and health.

People were asking what changed and begging for your secret.

I overheard you telling friends that it all started when you clicked on this link

With Love, Gratitude & Grace,


Your ‘Hypnosis Bootcamp’ MP3 Download Link

Great news today 🙂

I’ve arranged for you to receive a FREE Hypnosis Booster session from the Hypnosis Bootcamp.

Click here to download.

Just select the session you’d like — including Confidence, Wealth, the Law of Attraction, Weight Loss and Brain Power.


With Love, Gratitude & Grace,


7 Ways To Boost Your Brain Power Right Now

How fit is your brain? Is it flabby or flat-out fabulous?

If your recall or memory isn’t what it used to be or you sometimes feel fuzzy and unfocused, you may need to take your brain to the neural gym.

Emerging evidence proves you can boost your brainpower WITHOUT spending hours and hours studying – no matter how old or young you are!

Getting Smarter With Age: Why You Don’t Have To Age Gracefully

For years, you’ve been told that ageing is responsible for a decrease in your brain’s health and fitness.

Recent studies, however, show you can finally fight back against the ageing process. You can take control of your brain and – literally – turn back the hands of time.

Best of all, today’s top cognitive specialists claim you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see a big difference … and fast.

All you need to do is try one (or more) of the tips below to improve your mental powers!

Could Boosting Your Brain Power Really Be This Easy?

If you want to pump up the health of your brain, try one of the following everyday tips, tactics, and techniques:

  1. Switch it up! Break Up Your Routine. Try taking a different route to work, eating lunch in a different spot, or reading a book as opposed to watching TV.

Anything that interrupts your habits asks your brain to make new and different connections and associations can help stimulate the production of neurotrophins, an important protein responsible for superior brain health.

  • Have Fun. Play Games! Research shows that games that require planning ahead, including games of strategy like chess, activate and “strengthen” your frontal lobe which leads to greater decisiveness, clarity, and focus.

Other great games include checkers, tic-tac-toe, solitaire, and card games like poker and blackjack.

  • Se Habla Español? Learn a language. Always wanted to learn a new language? Great news! Learning a new language requires a number of areas of your brain to all “cooperate” – making powerful connections all across your neural network.
  • Are You The Next Picasso? Get Painting! Whether it’s doodling on the back of an envelope or painting the next masterpiece, it’s time to release your inner artist.

Activities like drawing and painting stimulate numerous regions of your brain – helping to boost creativity, memory, and recall.

  • Get Off The Couch! Walk, Run, or Soar! Physical exercise of any kind helps promote neurogenesis as well as stimulates the production of neurotrophins.

So, it doesn’t matter what you do: Just get up and do something! Of course, before starting any new exercise routine, be sure to get your doctor’s approval first.

  • Read. Yep, studies show that daily reading all by itself can help sharpen your memory, enhance your critical thinking skills, and improve your ability to focus.

Best of all, it doesn’t matter what you read – just do it!

  • Strengthen Your Brain with Cognitive Training. There are a number of excellent brain training resources online today.

Be sure to look for science-based programs that show proof that they actually work. Sites like the Raikov Effect are a solid place to start for more information on improving brain health and function.

But, be careful: Some of the “big name” programs may look good, but lack evidence-based support to justify their claims.

Brain training is more accessible than ever before.

As you’ve seen here, it doesn’t take weeks, months or years to boost your brainpower.

All it takes is a commitment to be the best you possible.

With Love, Gratitude & Grace,


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