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YEVL’s Vission – Naturally creating Freedom, Meaning and Wealth!

YEVL’s Mission:

… is to assist as many individuals (and families) as possible, to achieve their own personal growth in Wealth, Meaning and Freedom – in a Natural manner. This through personalised advice, education, coaching, mentoring, and implementation – which could and/or would be a combination of financial- and psychological- products and services, structured for specific individual needs and requirements…. At their own AFFORDABILITY!

The Big Picture…

We believe that each and every person has the capability to achieve they’re own Financial and Emotional freedom. We were not created to be constantly struggling – We were created to experience life and live abundantly. It is all within each of us – sometimes we just need the correct guidance and support to enable us to find our way, fast-track our growth and live up to our full potential.

Why – To enable and assist you to achieve your own Financial and Emotional Independence

How might you ask?

Through personalised face-2-face coaching and collaboration with the individual/family / SME – finding the specific and best-suited fit for each and every one. Through advising, educating, coaching and mentoring individuals/families / SME’s (Start-up and Small Businesses)

Our aim is to create a future of financial, emotional and physical independence for individuals (and families); who have previously been denied, miss-used and/or abused.

To lead, motivate and inspire individuals to take positive action in their own lives towards growth; channelling the flow of information, tools and resources to clients.

Through in-depth knowledge, study and insight, I value the gifts of the mind to penetrate the mysteries of life. Searching beneath the surface for solutions, by analysis and research grasping the facts, my creative and abstract approach lifts thinking beyond the rudimentary to the philosophical – basing theories on scientific facts.

An enjoyment of mental and physical puzzles, I am able to draw from my own experiences, strengths and determination to create solutions that are original, innovative and independent.

The greater value is my harmonious integration, willingness to lead, independence and the ability to make a stand for what is right.

Ultimately, providing victims with the ability to become survivors; enabling survivors to become victors; building the foundation for those victorious, to go forth and become icons for other victims.

Naturally allowing the flow to continue for generations, in the hope that we can pass a plethora of knowledge on for generations; thus preventing the denial, miss-use and abuse of any individual.

Maintaining all the Requirements that have to be met, with regards to Financial Industry Compliance and the Ethical code of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) and ICF (International Coaches Federation); and being in line with the Financial Services Board, as well as the entire Industry’s relevant Ombudsman’s, for example, the FAIS Ombudsman.

It would be her pleasure to guide you to achieve the results you desire in creating your own Wealth, Meaning and Freedom – Naturally

Clients say remarkable things about the impact of her work has on their life and business success. Example comments include:












Similar benefits await when you decide to invite her to serve you, in the powerful ways that she can support you to your success. If this is the alternative to the norm you are looking for – then her holistic practice will provide you with products and services all aimed towards:

– Coaching
– Mentoring
– Education
– Personal Development
– Emotional Freedom
– Financial Security through implementation of FAIS and Non-FAIS Financial Services
– Entrepreneurial Development
– Business Development
– Improved Habits
– Healthy Lifestyle

YEVL’s Values and Core Principles:


  • Naturally True to self and nature. Restoring wellbeing and balance through the use of the most organic means possible.
  • Freedom is creating order in the chaos. At the end of the day, Life is to serve us … not we be a slave to it
  • Meaning is our culture, based on our connection with relationships: Religion /Spiritual, Humanity and Self
  • Wealth is our Profit, What do we keep! The accumulation of assets generating an income without our direct involvement.


  • Ethics, as the most important (ideas and beliefs about what is morally right and wrong)
  • Integrity (the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles)
  • Vested Interest (a strong personal interest in something because an advantage is gained from it)
  • Responsibility (a duty to deal with or take care of somebody or something)
  • Compassion (a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering)
  • Loyalty (not changing your friends of beliefs easily)
  • Intuition (the ability to understand something immediately without having any defined knowledge or proof of the facts)
  • Activism & Advocating (1. A person who takes action to encourage political and social change 2. A person to speak or write in favour of, support, recommend publicly)
  • Productivity (doing, achieving or producing a lot)
  • Harmonious Integration (1.maked by agreement in feeling, attitude or action 2. Action or process of nitrating, combination, incorporation)

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Naturally creating Freedom, Meaning and Wealth!

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