Love of Music, of Sunsets and Sea; A liking for the same kind of people; Political opinions that are not radically divergent; A similar stance as we look at the stars and think of the marvellous strangeness of the Universe – These are what build a marriage (relationships). And it is never to be taken for granted.

– Madeleine L’Engle [Two-Part Invention: The Story of a Marriage] 1988

A Financial Professional with several qualifications, however, the Psychological impact and recovery from past experiences is her passion. Being Outspoken: she is a Proud Survivor, a Mother of 3 Home-schooled boys, describe as a Super-Supportive Wife, the ‘Best-Friend’ who people confesses their most inner troubles to, an Activist for the Prevention and Recovery from Abuse, a Home-based Entrepreneur… Believing that “Dynamic Living” can only be achieved by using our God-given equipment, add to that the Principles of Success multiplied with our own Proper Self-Image.

Yvonne E. Venter – Louw is fiercely committed to guiding, coaching and mentoring those

  • who are seeking answers,
  • who are open-minded,
  • willing to learn,
  • willing to communicate
  • and have a commitment to their own achievement …

Providing solutions to old questions and secrets through, new out-the-box thinking, the alternative to the norm advice and guided implementation into their own lives.

In return, these individual(s) will achieve what Wealth, Meaning and Freedom – as describe by their own values, dreams and goals are – into their own lives.

this is how we work
this is how we work

If you are looking for a proven professional who can guide you to address your financial education, your relationships with others, as well as most inner-self; and through the complete process strategically evolve to achieve natural balance holistically… you’ve come to the right place. With 19 years’  experience in the Financial Industry and at the same time, 20 years’ experience [and research] in personal prevention and recovery from abuse; working with amazing clients with similar worries and concerns; and guiding them to achieve remarkable success, her mission and commitment is to give her best and most honest self, focusing on serving others at the highest level and assisting as many people as she possibly can to achieve their own highest level of Wealth, Meaning and Freedom at the same time.

Her path to becoming a coach, mentor and advisor became clear at an early age – She always had this passion, no …it’s more a deep heart throbbing need to help others who needed it most. As a child, she thought it would be fulfilled by becoming a Trauma doctor / Paramedic, but… with being forced into a financial academic high school career … she held on to that dream … deep heart throbbing … to where today she can honestly state that her years of experience, the qualifications she obtained, years of researching for her own benefit and perfectionistic record keeping of all her mistakes [and what she has learned from them], will provide solutions to those who are finding themselves looking for answers and guidance.

2005 Busy Bee's Competition Finanlist
2005 Busy Bee’s Competition Finalist

What lights her up about her work is: ” knowing that any and all financial decisions there is a psychological background that influences clients decision; once a client is coached and mentored through these, they are finally enabled to reach their own highest level of wealth, meaning and freedom.”

What sets her apart from other services providers: “it is my creative approach, innovative thinking, analysing nature of challenging the exciting ways of doing things. Combining the physical aspects of financial advice, with the psychological impact of past experience of an individual client while uplifting their spirituality, provides clients with a lasting, firm new foundation to build their future further on.”

2005 Busy Bee's - 'I wanna be...' Competition
2005 Busy Bee’s – ‘I wanna be…’ Competition

You can feel confident engaging with her to guide you and your organisation to solve these problems. Over the years, her experience has been honoured with remarkable and notable accolades, including:

  • Being promoted 6 times in two years with one of South Africa’s top four Banking Institutions.
  • She held the title of one of South Africa’s top 10 Exotic Dancers for several years.
  • Working her way up the corporate ladder:  from Apprentice Financial Advisor to Senior Executive Financial Advisor (unofficial assistant branch manager) in four years
  • Several Gold and Silver services awards from Insurance Companies
  • Only individual on record to pass INSETA Accredited Motivational Management & Skills training with a 98%
  • The only non-management member that was accepted and completed Momentum Leadership of Leaders [mini MBA] through GIBS (Gordon Institute of Business Science – University of Pretoria)

Her perspective has also been featured in Move!Magazine

Move!Magazine week of 10 August 2016
Move!Magazine week of 10 August 2016



Personal Thesis:

2013 ongoing: The Psychological impact of past experiences (and the rehabilitation thereof) on daily financial driven decisions. (Interview, evaluate, record, track, review, and monitoring of candidates]

Nicole Mitchell:

2020 – 2021(current): You vs. You group online session.

Philanthropy University:

2019 Jul to Aug: Human Capital Strategies

Skill Share:

2019 May to June: Presentation Essentials: How to Share Ideas that inspire Action — Simon Sineck

Blair Singer:

2018 ongoing:  Webinars, Seminars, Masterclasses & Workshops

Darren Hardy:

2019: Be the Exception.

Carolyn Hansen:

2019: Financial-free; Heal your money energy; Super productivity for entrepreneurs.

Gregg Braden:

2017 ongoing: Webinars, Seminars, Masterclasses & Workshops

Dana Wilde

2018: Activate Accelerated Abundance

Bitrix24 Academy:

2018: Ongoing … Full in-house training – Functionality & Implementation

Allan Pratt:

2018: The Intimate Conversation

Ali Worthington:

2018: Breaking Busy (Short Course)

Ann Wilson:

2018: The Wealth Chef (Short Course)

Barry Mitchell:

2018: Introduction to Sales and Leadership Mastery

Barry Schwartz:

2017: Using our practical wisdom, The paradox of choices & Our loss of wisdom (Short Courses)

Dr. Steve G. Jones (USA):

2017: Certificate in Hypnosis

2018: Certificate in Life Coaching


2018: Zoho App Creator Tutorial Series

2017: Financial Coaching Certificate

2017: A Women’s guide to learn New Business Strategy

2017: Work-Life Balance for Overachievers

Mind Valley & Ever Coach:

2019: How to sell with love and integrity & Common Fears of selling – Lindsay Wilson (Short Course)

2019: The 5 Elements of Holistic Coaching – Margaret Moore (Short Course)

2019: The 8 Principles of Exponential Coaching – Rich Litvin (Short Course)

2019: The art and science of coaching – Michael Neill (Short Course)

2019: Coach hundreds of clients every single year & Starter guide to Self-Leadership – Jason Goldberg (Short Course)

2019: Creating Breakthrough transformations with any client, What makes a Great Coach & The 4-level Secret to breakthrough transformation – Christine Hassler (Short Course)

2019: 4 Myths holding you back from starting your coaching business – Ajit Nawalkha (Short Course)

2019: Personal Brand Attraction Blueprint – Marisa Murgatroyd (Short Course)

2019: Coaching for managers to become better coaches – Ajit Nawalkha (Short Course)

2019: The Book of Coaching (Full Course)

2019: How to sell anything – Ajit Nawalkha (Short course)

2019: 10 Brain Hacks to learn Fast – Jim Kwik (Short Course)

2019: Rapid Bio hacks for Exceptional Health – Ben Greenfield (Short Course)

2019: 4 Secrets to Powerful Communication – Lisa Nichols (Short Course)

2019: Design Your Life – Jon & Missy Butcher (Short Course)

2019: Bulletproof for Beginners – Dave Asprey (Short Course)

2018: 5 Days to Mindfulness – Tom Cronin (Short Course)

2018: Bending Reality – Vishen Lakhiani (Short Course)

2018: Developing an unshakable mind – Srikumar Rao (Short Course)

2018: Discover your Life Purpose – Michael Beckwith (Short Course

2018: Embrace your energy body – Jeffrey Allen (Short Course)

2018: How to instantly apply Feng Shui in your life – Marie Diamond (Short Course)

2018: Meditation for Super Performance – Emily Fletcher (Short Course)

2018: Meditation Mastery with Omharmonics (Short Course)

2018: The path towards Self-Awakening – Neal Donald Walsh (Short Course)

2018: Energy Medicine, The secrets of a Master Practitioner – Donna Eden (Short Course)

2018: The 8 Millionaire Blocks – T. Harvey Ecker (Short Course)

2018: Unblocking your Abundance – Christie Marie Sheldon (Short Course)

2017: The Poser of Spiritual Fitness – Jeffery Allen (Short Course)

2017: The Genius Formula – Robin Sharma (Short Course)

2017: The Science of Extraordinary Performance – Steven Kotler (Short Course)

2017: Turn your life into a living masterpiece – Jon Butcher (Short Course)

2017: Unlocking the healing power of your Chakras – Anodea Judith (Short Course)

Marketing Agency:

2018: Online & Social Media Marketing

Niel Mallan

2018: Facebook Marketing

Mel Robbins:

2018: The Secret to Self-motivation

Dr John F. Demartini

2017 ongoing: Webinars, Seminars, Masterclasses & Workshops

Brian Walsh – Real Success Entrepreneurs

2016 ongoing: Webinars, Seminars, Masterclasses & Workshops

Click Bank University

2016 to date: Webinars, Seminars, Masterclasses & Workshops

Hale Dwoskin:

2016: The Sedona Method

Morry Zelcovitch:

2015: How to retrain your brain for change.

Dr Steve G. Jones (USA)

2017: Hypnosis, NLP & Subliminal Therapy

2015: Life Coaching Certificate

Jack Canfield:

2014: Secret to Success

Napoleon Hill Foundation:

2014: Think and grow rich – Webinars, Seminars, Masterclasses & Workshops

Network 21:

2014: Independent Business Owners training course (full year)

Alison Online:

2014 – 2016: Diploma Psychology

Elevating Your – Maria Marsala

2014: Planning for Growth & Profitability

Iron Shield (Canadian) The Fee Based Financial Planning Mastery

2011 – 2013: FAIS & FICA, Retirement & Tax, Long Term Insurance

GIBS – University of Pretoria

2008 – 2009: Momentum Leadership of Leaders (mini industry related MBA) – Financial Industry Legislation, Competitive strategy, Personal Leadership Plan, People Management, Improving Operational Performance, Customer-centric Mindset, Leadership & Organizational Behavior

Momentum – The Human Capital Engine

2007 – 2008: Transformational Change Agent

Momentum – External Provider

2007: National Certificate – Financial Services Management NQF4

Damelin / Milpark School of Business

2006 – 2008: Certificate Financial Planning NQF5 (Basic Principals of Business Financial Planning, Basic Principals of Personal Financial Planning, Financial Planning – Income Tax, Medical Schemes environments, Law for Financial Planners, Financial Planning Products

Momentum In-house Accreditation

2006 – 2010: Risk Products, Investment Products, Health, Short Term Insurance Personal, Short Term Insurance Commercial, Loyalty Programs, Short Term Deposits, Employee Benefits, Collective Benefits, Trust & Wills

Amsure Marketing & Skills Training (not be confused with Amway MLM)

2006 – 2007: Managers Motivational and Skill Training (Leadership development, Source of Motivation, Planning and setting goals, Building Motivation, Why Salespeople Fail, The Sales Manager’s future)

Sage: In-house Accreditations

2005: FAIS & FICA, Retirement & Tax, Long Term Insurance

Amsure Marketing & Skill Training (not be confused with Amway MLM)

2004 – 2005: Sales Training Program (Marketing & Salesmanship, Motivational sales, Prospecting, Obtaining the Interview, Closing)

P.Q Africa / Satellite Networks

2000: Novell Client, Linux & Unix end User, Visio Professional

Damelin / Institute of Bankers

1998: Forex – Economic Environments & Financial Trading, Industrial Psychology 1

ABSA Bank In-House Training

1997 – 1998Windows 95, MS Office 97, Lotus 1-2-3, Turbo Pascal Programming, Q & A, AS400, Swift, Test Keys, Typing, Communication for better Business

Hoёrskool Dinamika

1992 – 1996: Matric/Grade 12/ Senior Certificate NQF4 with distinctions (Afrikaans, English, Mathematics, Economics, Accounting, Computer Science)

F.A.K. Diplomas & Certificates, Provincial Colors Athletics & Sport, Teaching Certificate Ballet



YEVL (Pty) Ltd. – Founding Director and Principal Advisor/Coach

2016 ongoing:  Financial Independence Coaching (Researcher, Non FAIS Advice, Education, Coaching, Mentoring, Radio Show Expert & Host, Keynote Speaker)

Independent Financial Advisor

2016 – 2019 Full Function private practice tied to Independent group. [Changing over to Coaching from Planning]

2011 – 2016 Full Function private practice tied to Independent group. [Momentum – Silver Trophy for Production three years consecutive]


2009 – 2010 Executive Financial Planner & Sub-branch Coordinator. [Move towards Independent and Impartitial Advice & Planning]

2008 – 2009 Senior Financial Planner [Gold Certificate for Production] & [Only non-manager awarded with the Momentum / Gibbs Industry related MBA]

2008 Financial Planner [Gold Certificate for Production]

2006 – 2007 Junior Financial Planner [Silver Certificate for Production]


2006 Junior Financial Planner [Silver Certificate for Production] [Momentum Merger]

2005 – 2006 Apprentice Financial Planner

Independent Brokers Office

2004 Personal Assistant to Independent Broker & Admin office manager [Accepted Position offered at Sage]

Cozen – Temp contracts

2001- 2004 Various short-term admin and accounting assignments all over the greater Johannesburg area. [As per my specification and request to evade my abusive ex-husband, each contract no-longer than three months. Various full-time employment offers]

PAG – Gerling Global

2000 – 2001Life/Risk Administrator [Offer: Permanent position Manager: Admin Life Re-underwriting – declined, abusive ex-husband found out where I was working]

PAG – Persetel Q Data Africa (Networks)

2000 (Four-month contract) Sales Secretary & Assistant

PAG – Allenby Campus Marlboro

2000 (Two months – contract) Student Advisor & Intake Assistant

Professional (Exotic) Dancer

1999 – 2005 Dancing, Teaching, Training, Travelling, Choreography, Bartending & Waitering at entertainment functions [Became a ghost in the system to evade abusive ex-husband]

Key Largo Pub & Grub (Admin & Accounting Clerk -> Co-Owner)

1998 – 1999 Accounting & Admin, Stock control, Sales & Marketing, Staff management, Bartending, Cashier [Gave up Business in an effort to break all contact with abusive ex-husband]

ABSA Bank – Admin Clerk (6 promotion in 24 months)

1997–1998 Test Keys & Telex, Swift, International Dealing room data capture, Corporate Smalls, F.E.C. Second Currencies, Trainee International Trading Floor [Awarded the exchange position with Switzerland Bank … I resigned before effective date]

Alberton Sprite / Sunseeker Gypsy – Shop Assistant

1995 –1996 Floor sales, Office admin, stock receiving and capturing, Switch board, Caravan sales, Admin HP applications, Cashier [Employee of the month three months consecutive]

Joshua Door – Sales Assistant

1992 –1994 Writer/Assistant to Sales Department Head [Top National Sale Writer Award]

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